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We want to be clear and concise with all our information. If you are having trouble understanding anything about the SLAP Tri Team - Powered by Wheel Works, please look here for some more details. And if you reach the bottom without finding an answer...please keep on scrolling to the "Contact Us" form at the bottom and send us a message!


Why should I join the #SLAPPERS?

We are a fun group of endurance-loving multi-sport athletes in Central Florida. The foundation of the team is to bring people together to motivation, encouragement, friendship, and competition! We also have highly educated and experienced triathlon & swim coaches at many of the group training sessions. The #SLAPPERS support each other in training, racing, and in life!

When does the SLAP Tri Team - Powered by Wheel Works start?

After a successful and smooth start in 2019, we will be looking forward to year #2 in 2020.

What if I'm already on a tri team?

Not a problem! There are no limits to how many USA Triathlon clubs you are a member of.

How much does it cost to be on the team?

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Free. $0.00.

We are proud to be a completely FREE triathlon team in 2020! There are enough things to pay for in this sport...a triathlon team isn't one of them!

How do I join the SLAP Tri Team - Powered by Wheel Works?

It's as easy as clicking here and filling out the team waiver.

If you are looking for personal coaching or SLAP Swim Practice, check out the Swim Like a Pro site.

Want to buy some SLAP Tri Team gear? Head over to Winter Garden Wheel Works and get suited up!

What happened to the #WGWWTeam?

You are looking at it! We've merged the WGWW Team with the SLAP Tri Team to provide better coaching services, more training sessions, and quality equipment and team kits.

What if I don't do triathlons?

No worries! The #SLAPPERS are made up of all kids of endurance athletes...masters swimmers, duathletes, runners, swim/runners, adventure racers, aqua-bikers, etc. We provide experienced coaching for all!

Do I have to be part of the team to participate in training sessions, camps, clinics, etc?

Nope...but once you participate in one session with us, we consider you to be a part of the #SLAPPERS family. Technically, just sign the waiver and you are on the team!

I haven't done a triathlon. Is this team for me?

Absolutely! The #SLAPPERS are all levels of athletes. We even have a beginner triathlon program (SLAP Try A Tri) that will help you get through your first race in 8 weeks.

I just want to learn how to swim. Can you help?

Yes, check out the SLAP Adult-Learn-to-Swim page and contact us for more details about setting up your first lesson!

I'm visiting. How do I participate for a short time?

We have a $10 single-session drop-in fee for all swim practices. Everything else on the calendar is FREE to join...just sign the waiver before working out with the group.

Where can I get a bike and triathlon equipment?

Head over to Winter Garden Wheel Works bike shop on Plant Street in Winter Garden and tell them that SLAP sent you! The guys and gals in the shop will make sure you get all the gear you need, and nothing you don't!

What races are the #SLAPPERS going to in 2020?

Here's a big list of events that you will definitely find some other #SLAPPERS at. We will have the team tent, chairs, cooler and cheering squad at as many races as possible!

What about my kids?

We've got a team for them as well! Kids between the ages of 6-17 years old are invited to join the SLAP Youth & Junior Tri Team. We have coaches and training sessions across Central Florida.