We are so excited to officially announce the SLAP Tri Team - Powered by Wheel Works...a joint venture between Winter Garden Wheels Works and Swim Like a Pro.

The goal of combining our local triathlon teams is to provide YOU with better coaching, training sessions, equipment, gear, and team spirit!

We look forward to supporting you to your training and racing goals in 2019 and beyond!

Why Should I be a #SLAPPER?

  • SLAP has 4 full-time (soon to be 6), USA Triathlon Certified, qualified, experienced, educated, fun/creative, and knowledgeable Coaches on staff.
  • There is a Certified Coach (to answer questions, provide feedback, give advice, and deliver the workout of the day) at every one of our 10+ weekly training sessions, hosted every week of the year.
  • The #SLAPPERS are a diverse group of local, national, and international athletes that provide support, encouragement, and team spirit to each other.
  • SLAP provides coaching and technique sessions for athletes of all levels, from beginner triathletes and non-swimmers, to World Championship qualifiers.
  • SLAP has been organizing, hosting, and creating fun, social events for the local triathlon community to introduce people to new experiences, training locations, sporting events, and like-minded people for over 4 years.
  • SLAP has partnered with the best bike and tri shops in the area to provide our team with the best gear and customer support at the best prices...all year long!

Join The SLAP Team...

We offer everything from free membership to personal coaching as part of the SLAP Tri Team - Powered by Wheel Works. Find the right fit for you...

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